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Everyday Festival

Passive Sound Amplification

Year: 2021
Duration and Role: 1 month group project
Typology: Design Technology project
Location: Unspecified

The device was designed to allow street musicians to passively amplify their performance in order to overcome barriers which they face with engaging the public or competing with ambient sounds. It aims to open up opportunities for performances to take place in locations where sound quality is not ideal and street musicians tend to avoid by enhancing the acoustics of these spaces. The project had a goal to give the user creative control of the process and their acoustic preferences, such as reverberation and volume, using two different materials. It allows user accessibility and simplicity, without confusion - incorporating basic user control principles as researched. Everyday festival installation is a passive system that aims to reduce energy consumption of sound amplification devices and it uses low impact materials.

Report Overview

Design Evolution

final test.jpg

Construction Joineries

Final Axo_Artboard 1.png


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