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Hi there!

My name is Mari Taylor. I graduated from the University of Sheffield with a Distinction in MSc Sustainable Architecture Studies and also hold a BA Hons in Interior Architecture & Design from Nottingham Trent University. I currently work as an Environmental Designer at HLM Architects.

I am focused on developing my skills in off-grid sustainable living by extending my research in vernacular dwellings. Specifically, I am undertaking a Permaculture Design Course and the Earthship Biotecture Course within the next year. Architecturally, my ambitions lie in creating self-sustaining, regenerative architecture; tiny homes or modular buildings; passive or off-grid homes or homesteads; low impact building and community centred projects using natural building methods and materials. I believe in using vernacular architecture to to learn from and inform our future. I believe in architecture as a fundamental part in the way we live, and that what we do now is vital to the survival of our planet and its eco-system. I see the built environment as a part of the earth's eco-system and we, as designers, must collaborate with nature in order to move towards change. I would like to use my knowledge to bring a different perspective to design and drive positive change.

Although my background is in the Architecture sector, my main strengths and passions lie in visual and creative thinking. I have continually expanded my skills and knowledge of eye-catching aesthetics through a variety of mediums. For example, photography, art, graphic design, web design, poster design and image creation, as evident from this portfolio. 



Current Location 

Sheffield, United Kingdom

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