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I am very passionate about low impact building, natural building methods, vernacular, self-sustaining, regenerative and off-grid architecture. I want to extend my knowledge in this field to design for the benefit of the environment, communities and well-being of others.

Below are some projects I am undertaking to widen my skillset and to create positive change.

These projects are in progress and yet to be completed. However, in the meantime, please read about some of these upcoming and on-going projects below.


Social Designs

Social designs is a volunteer run collective of architects, designers and engineers, founded to bridge the gap between architectural practice and local activism. I started working with them in January 2023. We work on community-led projects to create a more sustainable environment, fund-raising in order to provide clients with more opportunities and engaging local volunteers to help with the builds. I am currently working on a small community building at Loveland Community Farm for Falmouth Food Co-op.

Click here for the Social Designs Website.

Permaculture Design Course

In May 2023 I will be completing a Permaculture Design Course at Terra Alta in Portugal. This will give me a comprehensive introduction to living, designing and creating in harmony with nature guided by the 12 principles of permaculture. It will be an education into regenerative design, resilience, gardening techniques, natural building, sustainability and empowerment. 

Some of the curriculum will involve the following:

  • The seven domains of permaculture action

  • Permaculture design method for planning a project and designing a homestead - Schematic design

  • Appropriate technology and sustainable energy systems

  • Animals in permaculture systems

  • Introduction to plant care and seed saving

  • Community and social tools for project and personal development

  • Regenerative landscape design

  • Water retention and regeneration

  • Composting and Soil Science

  • Bio-intensive techniques for kitchen and market gardening

  • Introduction to Regenerative Agriculture

  • Vermicomposting flush toilet system

  • Introduction to beekeeping

  • Zero Waste strategies

  • Introduction to natural building

  • Food harvesting, preservation, and fermentation

  • Food Forest design, management, and implementation


Earthship Biotecture Eco-construction School


In 2023, I aim to complete the Earthship Biotecture Eco-Construction School. Earthships are self-sufficient, autonomous buildings that are defined by six basic design principles, all of which take advantage of the existing natural phenomena of the earth. They are built with natural and repurposed materials, using thermal mass and solar gain for heating and cooling, utilising solar and wind energy, rainwater harvesting, contained sewage treatment and food production. These structures are completely off-grid and can be built anywhere in the world. They are designed to stay cool in summer and warm in winter. I believe the eco-construction school will be a valuable education to expand on my current knowledge in eco-building.

The curriculum will involve the following and more:

  • History and Evolution of the Earthship Concept

  • Thermal/Solar Heating and Cooling

  • Building with Natural and Recycled Materials

  • Water Harvesting, Storage and Filtration

  • Contained Sewage Treatment

  • Food Production in Earthships

  • Sustainable Retrofit for Conventional Homes

  • Building permit process for Earthships

  • Staging an Earthship build

Click here to find out more about Earthship Biotecture

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