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Graphic design plays a large part in my visual communication of architectural projects. This is also the case as an environmental designer in industry, whereby the conveying of concepts, ideas, complex systems and research in a simple way is crucial for client communication. My work below is mostly based on communication in architecture projects. However, these skills can be adapted to any concept, whether this be in website design, research, branding or other aesthetic projects. This is seen in my experimental poster designs in the second section of this page.

I am fluent in Adobe Illustrator, AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Lightroom. I also have experience in Adobe Premier Pro and Final Cut Pro.

Architectural Projects

For communication to residents of the subject building

Mapping food miles, ethical and sustainable food sourcing

Communication to clients and of analysis / designs

Communicating processes

Communication of complex systems

Large scale landscape masterplan

Portfolio 2023 Graphic Design.jpg

Building physics, resilient vernacular architecture design

Other Projects

Experimenting with different techniques and styles

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