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Software Modelling

Building Simulation & Analysis

Year: 2021
Duration and Role: 3 months - Independent consultant project
Typology: Contemporary University Building
Location: Sheffield, England

During my time at university, I became competent in modelling using AutoCAD, Revit, IESVE and DesignBuilder. I am able to complete various building analysis using these softwares and use them daily in industry. For example:

  • Energy modelling using IESVE and DesignBuilder - measuring Energy Use Intensity, CO2 emissions, indoor air temperature, ventilation and much more.

  • Indoor daylight analysis - measuring DF (daylight factor) and illuminance

  • Radiation analysis - cumulative insolation on surfaces

  • Early stage building analysis - simulation concept forms for WWR (window to wall ratio), shading devices, orientation, HVAC system, building envelopes, glazing types, addition of Solar PV and their affect on EUI

  • Solar shading analysis

This project demonstrates the use of these skills in the context of a proposal building whereby I was asked to profuce simulation analysis and draw evaluations of the proposal building. I then made design suggestions based on the findings in the report.

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